Somewhere around the age of three I was dealt with the task of holding flashlights and having small enough hands to reach the bolts that were dropped into the engine bay. This scenario playing out all too often meant I was born to become a gearhead. Building engines during my teen days was a sign that the addiction was far too strong to back down. Going to college at the University of Northwestern Ohio accelerated my talents, knowledge, and skills to an optimum level. At this point in life the smell of race fuel and burning rubber was well enough to kick in like an aphrodisiac. My aim was for horsepower and no matter the number, it never seemed enough. A few road tests later and it was back to the drawing board. I have worked for some really great companies with some very talented individuals. Without any single one of them I wouldn't be where I am today. My most prized achievements are the twin turbo Lamborghini's and the amazing team that I had working alongside of me. The sound of a boosted V12 engine is enough to make any homo sapien's blood curdle. The future withholds nothing but great technology and great talent, and every day we push towards the goal of working together to create something better. With a positive attitude and an undeniable thirst for creativity, the possibilities are endless.
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